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Madeline Giblin, M.A., LPC-A (She/Her)

Supervised by Ellen Melton, PhD, LPC-S

Hello! My name is Madeline Giblin and I earned my Master's in Counseling at St. Edward's University in 2021, as well as a Master's in Psychological Research from Texas State University in 2018. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate and a National Certified Counselor. Additionally, I am also a certified advanced grief counseling specialist and an ADHD-certified clinical services provider.

Image by Steve Johnson

Because I strongly emphasize authenticity in the work that I do, I show up to each session exactly as I am. Human. While I share therapeutically relevant experiences, anecdotes and thoughts often, they are always done with intention and care. I believe that it is incredibly difficult to form a meaningful connection with another person if the relationship is entirely one-sided.

I've found that my approach to therapy differs in that I like to use a lot humor in sessions - both dark and light - which definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay! I am also unapologetically myself, and some days that looks a bit different than others. I'd be wasting my time and yours if I pretended to be someone I'm not or that some days weren't messy, chaotic garbage for me, too. Pretending is not conducive to connection, and I believe my approach to therapy is a testament to that fact.

Pictured: My Australian Shepherd, Ozzy Pawsborne, the Prince of Barkness; my late Great Dane, Athena; California coast

My Personal Life and Background

I've lived in Austin since 2009 and am originally from Southeast Texas near the Gulf Coast. Although I'm a bit of a homebody and prefer puzzles, pups and painting over crowds, you might find me out enjoying live music every now and again :)

(Pictured: My Australian Shepherd, Ozzy Pawsborne, the Prince of Barkness; my late Great Dane, Athena; CA coast)

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